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goladeof violence, misery, destruction, death and
We Extinction of mankind. These are not
rhetorical phrases I am using here ; I mean
exactly what I say, the disastrous extinction of

That is the issue before us. It is no small
affair of gar^ur^plitic^ we have to consider.
As I write, in this moment, thousands of people
are being killed, wounded, hunted, tormented,
ill-treated, delivered up to the most intolerable
and hopeless anxiety and destroyed morally and
mentally, and there is nothing in sight at present
to arrest this spreading process and prevent its
reaching you and yours. It is coming for you
and yours now at a great pace. Plainly in so
far as we are rational foreseeing creatures there
is nothing for any of us now but to make this
world peace problem the ruling interest and
direction of our lives. If we run away from it
it will pursue and get us. We have to face it.
We have to solve it or be destroyed by it. It is
as urgent and comprehensive as that.